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Mixed media incorporating a range of upcycled materials combined with contemporary machine embroidery. Upcycled tea bags, upcycled gauze swabs, commercial fabric scraps, upcycled bridal tulle, paint, thread, PVA glue, wash away stabilizer


This artwork has a hanging sleeve, comes with an acrylic rod for hanging. It can be hung using a gallery-style hanging system, suspended from fishing line or with two screws in the wall. 


Dimensions 300 x 70 cm


On the Brink

SKU: 202001
  • Artist Statement


    A flight over the WA wheatbelt prompted a new perspective on small patches of green in the dry, dusty landscape. I considered the encroachment of human activity and the resulting consequences. Due to continued fragmentation and degradation of critically endangered ecological communities in native bushland, the climate has become drier and more hostile causing increased erosion, topsoil loss and further spreading of salt pans. The value of bushland as habitat for unique plants and animals, including birds which control pest insects on crops and native insect pollinators, is finally being recognized by a new breed of farmers and our government.


    Photo credit: Bo Wong Photography





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