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Australian Flora Art

On my daily walks, I delight in the beauty and diversity of the world around me. I admire the colours, textures and forms in nature often stopping to capture the images on my phone. Often I collect windfallen leaves and branches, bottlebrush discarded by a mob of cockatoos or grasses and weeds from my garden to use in my work. This a joyful celebration of the moods, seasons and flora of Western Australia’s Perth region was created with natural plant materials, photo sensitive dyes and embellished with stitch on occasion.

This lighthearted collection of embellished botanical sun-prints on upcycled fabrics celebrates the delicate forms of the local flora of Western Australia be they weed, native or exotic.

Most works in this series are mounted, matted and framed under glass in white shadow box frame.

Click on individual images to view details.


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