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Social Justice Art

Walking the Refugee Road side1png_edited.png

Raising Awareness of
Social Justice Issues through Art

Even though my family’s migration in the late 1990s to Australia was voluntary and a bit of an adventure, it was not always easy to fit into another society despite very similar cultural backgrounds. I can only empathise with and imagine the violence, fear and desperation that drives individuals and families to strike out into an uncertain future with no guarantees, away from everything familiar in search of safety. 

I remember as a relative newcomer, waking to the radio news of boats being turned away, feeling angry and confused.

As a teacher I sponsored  the social justice group at our school. In 2016 during an end of year projects, while the students were studying Australian refugees in detention, I had an epiphany, realising that my art could help me express  the thoughts and feelings I often kept bottled up inside.


 It can be exhausting to hear about the injustices in the world and not be able to do anything about it. Making art that addresses injustice, makes me feel less helpless.  Alone we cannot change the world but I hope to inspire others to contemplate new ideas and take constructive actions of the social justice front. When it all becomes too much, I can choose to shut out the world and do things I enjoy.   Many people don't have the choice 'turn off' racism, war, hunger, disease and fear for their safety.  

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