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Climate Change Art


Hope for Climate Change through Art

We are surrounded by events beyond our individual control: fires, floods, droughts, global climate change, loss of many species of flora and fauna, and the mass uprooting of whole human populations. I know how tempting it is to focus on my own little world where I have some semblance of control. But I take inspiration from Greta Thunberg who said in a 2021 interview. " When I’m taking action, I don’t feel like I am helpless and that things are hopeless, because then I feel like I’m doing everything I can,”  I created these works as my way of taking action by raising awareness of the issues, the solutions, the consequences and to inspire hope in others. I believe art can touch people in ways scientific data cannot and I hope these artworks will inspire you to think alternatively, speak out and join others in collective action to foster positive change for the future. 

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