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Mixed media incorporating a range of upcycled materials combined with contemporary machine embroidery. Upcycled tea bags, hand-dyed and commercial fabric scraps, upcycled bridal tulle & net, thread, rust and sun dyeing, free motion embroidery, fabric confetti.


This artwork has a sleeve stitched onto the back for hanging purposes, and can be hung using a gallery-style hanging system, or with two screws in the wall.


It may also be mounted & framed with or without glass. Contact me if you would like it framed (additional cost) or for my recommendations for framing upon receipt.


Unframed dimensions 40 x 60 cm


Currently on Australian national tour. Contact Marie if interested in purchasing.


Artist Statement


Australia, the driest inhabited continent, is home to more than one million species of plants and animals, 80 percent of which are unique. Australia is at a tipping point where this incredible biodiversity may be lost forever without intervention. Soil, the fragile skin of our planet , is a diverse ecosystem and a precious resource. In the West Australia wheatbelt, only remnants of native vegetation remain  after the conversion to fields and pastures resulting in degradation and loss of topsoil. Australia’s documented decline in biodiversity is the greatest of any continent, largely due to habitat loss. Many of our crops and agricultural practices increase erosion to the point where the soil can no longer maintain itself. As the climate changes, it is more important than ever to advocate and support sustainable land practices to protect our fragile landscape, preventing further extinctions, loss of soil structure, nutrient degradation and increasing soil salinity.


Fragile Skin

SKU: 202101
  • This work was made for – and accepted into – Oceania: Distance and Diversity, a textile exhibition currently touring New Zealand and Australia from 2021 to 2023.

    The purchase of this artwork will help support reconnecting country across south-western Australia with a ten percent donation to registered charity Gondwana Link. See FAQs to learn more...


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