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Paint, pens, hand dyed cotton fabric, painted fusible, tulle, lutrador, heat distressed organza, canvas and tulle were combined with applique and contemporary free machine embroidery.
Artwork is stretched and mounted on wooden canvas stretcher measures 86 x 45 cm
Canvas natural wood floater frame measures 87.5 x 48 cm





SKU: 201828
  • Ten years on, Black Saturday, is marked as one of the most catastrophic fire events in Australian history. ‘Firestorm’ is a memorial to the hardworking firefighters, the residents who lost their homes and towns and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. But remembering isn’t enough, climate change is causing an increase in the extreme weather that resulted in Black Saturday. Australians must demand emission reduction in line with global targets to reduce future risk. Employing burning techniques, paint, many layers of fabric and stitch Marie has recreated the inferno of that disastrous event. ‘Firestorm’ is both a tribute and warning.


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