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The koala an Australian icon was finally declared 'endangered' in February 2022. Threats include habitat loss due to deforestation to make way for farming & urban development, bushfires, disease and climate change. It would be an incredible shame to lose these gorgeous creatures. 


Ten percent of proceeds from the sale of this work will be donated to World Wildlife Fund Australia to support the Koalas Forever campaign. See FAQs to learn more...




Fabric collage, applique, cotton,  transfer printing, contemporary machine embroidery 


Textile Painting measures 89 x 89 cm


This work is ready to hang immediately.The artwork comes with a hanging rod inserted into a hidden sleeve stitched onto the back. It can be hung using a gallery-style hanging system, or with two screws in the wall. It can also be mounted within a frame (without glass) - contact me if you prefer a frame (additional costs apply).

Bridge to Extinction

SKU: 201830
  • Winner - Judge's Choice Award

    2018 Australasian Quilt Convention, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, VIC


    'Bridge to Extinction’ highlights the conflict between humans and nature. After hearing about local extinctions occurring in koala populations, I wanted to raise awareness of the threat to this iconic Australian marsupial.  Koalas create borders within their eucalypt habitat. Increases in logging in Queensland and New South Wales, shrink these borders and threaten their survival.  Using dyes, printed text, paint and stitch on fabric, I wanted to turn the dry words from the newspaper into imagery that couldn’t be ignored. As human ‘progress’ destroys its habitat, the koala escapes on a log bridge to wasteland. I reflect on the irony of providing koala crossings under main roads, whilst fragmenting the bushland that serves as their only food source and home.  


    Finalist, World Quilt Competition 2019, MAS, USA

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