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Local kids begin work on time capsule

I was so excited to see the activity table surrounded by kids on opening night. And it's been busy ever since. When my kids were young, I always appreciated places where kids were encouraged to interact with an exhibition. Many of these were at museums of natural history, civilisation or science. With the support of the City of Mandurah Arts Festival I was so happy to have a similar activity within the Wetland Stories exhibition.

The watercolour workshops were lots of fun, sharing stories about the birds and animals they'd seen and why protecting them is important. The kids came up with messages like "Please keep Mandurah clean and healthy. And take care of the animals too." and "Keep the birds and other animals safe." All the postcards were addressed to the Mayor of 2050, which might even be one of these kids! They thought that was pretty funny!

Teacher Barb Sing brought a class from John Tonkin College to the exhibition and once their official tour was over, the teens were kneeling at the kids table making postcards too!

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