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Contemporary machine embroidery on fabric showing the contrast between current industrial and regenerative agricultural practices,

Marie Mitchell

Textile & Mixed Media Art

Australian ringneck parrots in flight.

Connecting with nature...
for the environment

Koala leaving the bush while an excavator knocks down the trees

Textile Paintings

Leaf Print art

Mixed Media
& Printmaking

eucalyptus leaf bookmarks

Miniature Originals & 
Wearable Art

Art is Visual Communication

Our homes reflect our personalities and beliefs. By purchasing nature art whose message is inline with your values, you can make a statement, encourage conversation and alternative thinking while celebrating the beauty and joy derived from the natural environment.

Framed textile painting hanging on a wall .
Artist Marie Mitchell examining the bark of a tree.
Promoting action for positive change

My creative practice is driven by a deep social conscience and sense of personal responsibility. I see a world where the average person is keen to do their best to care for the planet, but we are overwhelmed with negative news, conflicting viewpoints and feel powerless as individuals to influence our governments to act.

We can all do something -- my something is raising awareness of what is being done and how people can get involved. 

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Textile painting of roadside grasses.
Marie Mitchell Art logo
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